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Order in The House: Walking In Your Gifts and Callings (Paperback)

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By: Jesse Clayton (Author)

This book focuses on God’s intent for His government and His kingdom as it relates to man, to situations on the earth, and to His church. As you read this book, it is my pleasure to help shed light on the gifts and callings of man in Scripture as they pertain to Godly government, including addressing the issues of restoration of ministers. How does one proceed in restoring a brother or sister who has been overtaken in a fault?What does Scripture say about offenses? This book expounds on the ministry of restoration and how it is the duty of all those who walk in spiritual maturity to serve to restore them to their position as a child in right-standing with God. Where does rebuking, repentance and forgiveness fit in church leadership? I desire to help you, the reader, understand the need for God’s government within your personal life as well as within the church.