Dr. Clayton's Story

Dr. Jesse L. Clayton was born in Fresno, CA. in a time of high crime and a city’s cry for social change. He experienced a childhood of gangs, drugs, crime and rebellion while growing up in the city of Los Angeles but with Gods grace was able to overcome and strive to walk in his calling. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior and began preaching the gospel at a young age.

Dr. Clayton has accomplished much in his thirty-four years of ministry. In 1994 Dr. Clayton was sent out by Bishop Dr. Donnie Williams to begin his first Pastorate of Restoration Family Church. He has been the leader in launching several churches in the regions Southern and Central California. He has had oversight of several churches and outreach centers within the United States and abroad as well as a seated board member to several other ministries and churches. Under the umbrella of Clayton International Ministries (C.I.M.), Dr. Clayton has established Church Boot Camps for leaders that focus on Biblical Hermeneutics, Church Government and the believer’s authority. Dr. Clayton is also the founder of Covenant Makers Ministries (C.M.M.) which serves as a bridge between the church and corporate America as well as mentor up and coming leaders while giving them a platform to show forth their entrepreneur and leadership abilities. Dr. Clayton also provides additional leadership training through Empowering Lives Leadership Institute. For several years he had served as an assistant to the Presiding International Prelate Bishop of The Family Church International Fellowship of Churches.

Dr. Clayton has attended Citrus College and Confirmed Word Faith Center School of Ministry. He is a graduate of “Youth with a Purpose” Ministerial College and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Pastoral Counseling through Union Bible College. He also attended Union University of California Bible College & Seminary where he received his Doctorate in Theology.

Dr. Clayton has received numerous awards, acknowledgments and accolades for his work in the ministry, in his local community, both city and state levels across the United States and internationally. Dr. Clayton is known to be a man with wisdom beyond his years, who teaches and preaches with authority and power.

As a renowned preacher, teacher and encourager of biblical principles, Dr. Clayton continues to provide guidance and insight on the believer’s authority and church government.

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